3 May 2008 - Oh, yeah, that birthday thing...

Now that I am past the one year mark, my schedule has been so full that I haven't had time to post the pictures from my party. I had so many wonderful friends show up to wish me well, I didn't know what to do. I soon figured it out though, it was my birthday and I could do whatever I wanted! I had my cake and ate it, too. The video pretty much tells it all: Mmmm, cake! (1.3 MB)

14 March 2008 - As easy as 1-2-3!

3035207544 9857032674 It took me a whole 11 and a half months to grow this hair. It was hard work, and what do Mom and Dad do about it? Cut it off! I must admit, it was about to be in my eyes and contiuously tickled my ears so I was kind of glad to see it go. The place I got it cut specializes in kids hair cuts and instead of a barber chair, I got to sit in a BMW Z3 pedal car! That made my haircut fast and fun! Tragedy was narrowly avoided, though, they almost had me sitting in a Tony Stewart/Home Depot NASCAR. Dad said, "NO WAY!" Click the pictures to see them bigger.

8 March 2008 - I'll show you what I think about that!

Mom thought it was pretty cute to watch me crawling toward the bathtub in the buff. In fact she went and grabbed the video camera to tape it. It may be cute, but I'm not sure we needed to record it. While she was trying to figure out how to play the video back, I went over to tell her I didn't appreciate the movie making. After trying to pull up on her leg to get her attention and failing, I got back down and peed on her shoe. Ha ha, who's laughing now, mom?

24 February 2008 - Showing off my skills!

I'm moving up in the world. Literally. Put something in front of me and I will attempt to use it to stand myself up. After I figured this little trick out, I decided it was much easier to crawl than do my standard belly-flop-inch-worm maneuver. Now I can get into about anything and I am building up my resistance to knocks on the head. Mom and Dad are happy to see me mobile, but fear the future ability to walk. I have a secret though, I don't plan to walk, I'm gonna RUN!
My skillz (7MB)

2 February 2008 - It's about time, Dad!

With the short spurts of nice weather we have had between snows, I have really wanted to go for a ride in the new wagon I got for Christmas. Unfortunately, it is really hard to go for a ride in a wagon that has not been assembled yet. Daddy secretly put it together today while I was taking a nap and when I woke up I got to play in it in the house. It was fun! Maybe I can go outside for a longer ride this afternoon.
Wagon Time! Movie (2.1MB) and Wagon Time! Pictures

19 January 2008 - I'm in.

Announcment: I've decided to get into politics. I'll be running on the Dependant ticket. My platforms are anti-abortion, pro-breastfeeding, for the environment working toward the elimination of disposable diapers, cloth is so much more comfortable, and on healthcare reduce needle use for childhood vaccinations.

31 Dec 2007 - Weeeeeee!

So it wasn't a christmas gift, but I have found new enjoyment in one of my toys. See for yourself the (563) 320-4681.

9 Dec 2007 - Merry Christmas!

I met someone new recently. There was this jolly fat guy wearing a big red suit that visited the mall. For some reason I was happy to see him, or at least they coaxed a smile out of me for the picture. For those not "in the know", it appears I may actually get my two front teeth for Christmas. With any luck, they will be an early present, and mom and dad will get a break from the fussiness!